Dental Care

PRASAD Children’s Dental Health Program (PRASAD CDHP), New York State

In the United States, tooth decay is the most common chronic childhood disease. It affects one in four elementary school children and two out of three adolescents. Nationally, children lose 51 million school hours each year because of dental problems.

PRASAD CDHP’s Beginnings

The PRASAD Children’s Dental Health Program is based in Sullivan County, New York, where The PRASAD Project also has its headquarters.

A survey conducted in 1995 showed that in Sullivan County children from low-income homes needed immediate dental care. Through consultations with local health and school officials, The PRASAD Project determined the county needed a school-based program. The result was the establishment of the PRASAD Children’s Dental Health Program, which began in April 1998.

Because of the rural nature of the county and the lack of public transportation, we deliver services, exclusively to children, via a mobile dental clinic. We provide these services through arrangements with schools, local agencies such as Social Services, County Public Health, Head Start and New York State officials.

In 2015 alone, PRASAD CDHP provided 200 dental health education classes to 4,761 children in Sullivan and Ulster counties in New York. In addition, the dental clinic received 885 dental visits and performed more than 2,000 dental procedures.

NOTE: Our program in the USA does not provide dental care services to adults.

Dental Care, PRASAD Chikitsa, India

The residents in the Tansa Valley of Maharashtra, India, suffer from a host of dental problems brought on by poor nutrition and lack of knowledge about oral hygiene. In 1991, PRASAD Chikitsa began providing dental care through the Shree Muktananda Dental Van. In 2003, we started the dental clinic, which now treats more than 6,000 patients a year. The clinic has all the facilities to treat dental problems, from cavities to dentures, and is the only such facility in a 15-mile radius.

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