• 2012 samuel harris Impact

2012: PRASAD Children’s Dental Health Program-US

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PRASAD Children’s Dental Health Program (PRASAD CDHP) earned the 2012 Samuel D. Harris Children’s Dental Health Grant from the American Dental Association [...]


  • 2011 famine Impact

2011: Famine & Earthquake relief

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PRASAD partnered with AmeriCares to provide relief to those suffering from famine in Somalia, as well as to help those affected [...]

  • 2011 health worker training Impact

2011: Community health workers training

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PRASAD Chikitsa begins the Aarogyavardhini (AV) Trainings. The term means, literally, “Improver of Health.” AV’s undergo a six-day training program that [...]

  • 2011 mobile dental Impact

2011: Inauguration of the new PRASAD CDHP Clinic

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PRASAD CDHP inaugurated its new, more modern mobile clinic.

  • 2001 smokeless stove Impact

2011: Smokeless Stove Initiative begins

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PRASAD initiated a Smokeless Stove (Chulha) Campaign, which will help reduce household air pollution and streamline stove use and cleaning for [...]

  • 2001 second time Impact

2011: PRASAD CDHP receives NYSDF GKAS for 2nd time

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PRASAD Children’s Dental Health Program (PRASAD CDHP) received the Give Kids a Smile Award from the New York State Dental Foundation [...]