Project Description

Global Activities



PRASAD Chikitsa is based in Ganeshpuri, India, in the rural Tansa Valley. Founded in 1994 to address the healthcare needs of the people in the Tansa Valley, the organization has expanded greatly over the past two decades. PRASAD Chikitsa implements a holistic approach to healthcare and sustainable community development initiatives.


United States

A survey conducted in 1995 showed that children from low-income homes in Sullivan County needed immediate dental care. Through consultations with local health and school officials, The PRASAD Project determined the county needed a school-based program. The result was the establishment of the PRASAD Children’s Dental Health Program in April 1998.

PRASAD Children’s Dental Health Program provides dental care services and dental health education to children in Sullivan County and some areas of Ulster County in New York via a mobile dental clinic that provides dental education and care to students at their schools..



In Mexico each year thousands of adults lose their sight to cataracts and hundreds of children are born with strabismus (crossed eyes). Both conditions can be corrected with surgery, but families in rural villages lack access even to even the most basic health services.

In 1996, The PRASAD Project founded PRASAD de México to provide eye surgery to the thousands of individuals suffering from cataracts and strabismus.


Global Licensees

The PRASAD Project has national licensees in Australia, France and Spain who raise funds to support the India programs.


Disaster Relief

The PRASAD Project also provides relief to communities affected by major natural occurrences such as floods, earthquakes, tsunamis or hurricanes by providing food, shelter, medical supplies, and emergency services. The PRASAD Project partners with respected international relief organizations to provide aid to those who are affected worldwide.