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The PRASAD Project funds innovative solutions to help restore vision, improve oral health and wellbeing, and break the cycle of chronic poverty, creating opportunity and empowering people and communities so that all may prosper in harmony with the natural environment.

To achieve this, we work together with families and communities. A small organic kitchen garden is big enough to help diversify a family’s diet with nutritious vegetables and provide surplus for sale at market. A healthy smile positively effects children’s wellbeing and self-esteem, improving school attendance and performance.  Restoring eyesight decreases dependence on family members, restoring dignity and the ability to contribute.

You are part of these solutions and more.  Your gift today supports sustainable change that improves lives for generations.

MONTHLY GIVING: Sign up to become a PRASAD Partner, and, as a bonus, when you give a monthly donation of $25 or more, you will receive a luxurious scarf donated by Love QuotesTM on your Partnership Anniversary.

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