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PRASAD de Mexico​
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PRASAD de México

Restoring Sight in Mexico

PRASAD de México focuses its efforts in rural areas in Guanajato, Guerrero, and Hidalgo states in central Mexico, proximate to Mexico City.

Despite being a large, upper-middle-income country, Mexico continues to have high levels of rural poverty and wide social and economic disparities. While only about 21% of the population lives in rural areas, two-thirds live in extreme poverty.

A very large percentage of Mexico’s rural population lacks resources for basic health care. The link between poverty and health is one of the nation’s biggest challenges.

Blindness is the second leading cause of disability and is often the result of cataracts in adults. In addition, hundreds of children are born with strabismus (crossed eyes) annually, which affects vision and self-esteem.  These eye conditions can be corrected with surgery, if accessible. 

In 1996, PRASAD de México was founded to provide free eye surgery to remove cataracts and correct eye alignment, restoring vision, independence, self-esteem, and self-reliance to adults and children.