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In India’s rural Tansa Valley, 71% of children are malnourished. Lack of proper nutrition delays children’s physical and intellectual growth makes them more susceptible to disease, and negatively impacts their futures. With the right interventions, malnutrition can be reduced and prevented. Here’s how your gift today can help:

$30 Covers the cost of a medical visit and medicines for ten people in India
$100 Allows for a dental visit for one child in the US
$200 Provides ten water filters in India
$500 Gives nutritional support for 4 children for an entire year in India
$1000 Helps twenty families start a Kitchen Garden in India

Monthly Giving is the most powerful way to have year-round impact. Sign up to become a PRASAD Partner, and, as a bonus, and when your monthly donation is $30 or more, you will receive a luxurious scarf donated by Love QuotesTM on your Partnership Anniversary.

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