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Helping Women Thrive

In celebration of International Women’s Month, we are honoring women who are contributing to their families and communities in significant ways through our empowering Self-Help Groups (SHGs). In these groups, women come together to create community, gain confidence, and increase their financial independence.

Tara Gurunath Gond is a successful entrepreneur with two businesses, who has her own income, independence, and helps support her family of three.

Tara lives in the rural hamlet of Lendipad with her husband Guranath, a laborer, and their daughter Bharati who works at a local factory.  The family has no land for farming and before Tara joined the Ekta SHG, were living in deep poverty.

Two years ago, as a member of the Ekta SHG, Tara was able to borrow money to start a small grocery shop adjoining her home. But Tara was interested in doing more. So, when PRASAD gave Tara a flour mill last year on International Women’s Day, she was elated.  Tara has the only flour mill in her hamlet, and it’s easy for her to manage her shop and the grinding business under one roof.

Since the installation of the flour mill, Tara’s business is thriving, and local women are happy because they don’t have to travel to another hamlet for flour. Tara’s daily income has increased by $4. Women in SHGs, like Tara, not only learn new skills and business training, but encourage each other to make improvements in their villages by solving issues related to roads, schools, and the environment. They see each other thrive as they start their own ventures in farming, tree planting, grain milling, and more.

Tara’s inspiring story is only one example of the many lives being transformed every day. Over 3,060 women participate in SHGs thanks to your ongoing support! A gift of $100 can help start and provide training to an SHG for an entire year. Please consider giving a gift of any amount in honor of International Women’s Month and all the women creating a better future for themselves, their families, and communities.

Warm Regards,
Dr. M. Cecilia Escarra
Executive Director


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