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Updates from our programs in the U.S. & Mexico

In July, we reopened our children’s mobile dental clinic following COVID-19 CDC and American Dental Association guidelines. Because schools are still not open, our Mobile Clinic is currently operating at our headquarters in Ferndale, NY. Adorable sisters Queenie, 6, and Melanie, 7, who have been receiving regular dental treatment and education from PRASAD CDHP since 2017 visited us in Ferndale.

The girls have learned about and practice flossing and brushing their teeth twice daily and receive toothbrushes and floss at each visit. Their mother, Ms. Liu, noted, “Queenie loves to come, and Melanie, who was nervous at first because she used to have many cavities, is no longer fearful. It’s a very good program; I love bringing the kids here. The doctors give me good advice. I tell my neighbors to take their kids to PRASAD.”

The Liu family story is just one example of why the community trusts PRASAD CDHP. Parents are happy to have easily accessible and affordable expert dental care that specializes in children and treats the whole family with kindness. Everyone so looks forward to a lifetime of healthy, happy smiles.

PRASAD de México  – On the Beaches of Acapulco

Half of Mexico’s population works in the informal economy, without any social or health benefits. While the government provided a modest recovery package for some of the country’s poorest people, it has not provided relief to many Mexicans whose livelihoods have vanished because of the pandemic.

Many regions are almost entirely dependent on tourism, which will take longer to recover. In Acapulco, for example, street vendors walk for hours on the scorching sand trying to make a living, selling to the few who venture to the beaches. Their livelihood depends on what they sell each day. Sometimes they sell things, sometimes they don’t.

PRASAD de México volunteers are helping these day laborers survive by providing essential food supplies to those who aren’t even earning enough to get by.

PRASAD de México will reopen its eye camps in rural areas of Mexico when it is safe; they are also exploring new program and partnership opportunities.

COVID-19 infection control protocols and new required equipment have substantially increased costs. However, we are committed to providing the highest quality of care and protection to our patients, and, with your help, we are meeting the challenge head-on.

If you would like to give to The PRASAD Project, we will apply your gift where it’s needed most.

Stay well!

Warm regards,
Dr. M. Cecilia Escarra
Executive Director


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