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Tree Planting Campaign

Thanks to your generous donations we have raised funds for our tree planting campaign in the Tansa Valley. But it’s not enough….we need your help to

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2019 Annual Newsletter

PRASAD envisions healthy communities prospering in harmony with the natural environment Celebrating 25 Years of PRASAD Chikitsa Thank you! Your generous support over 25 years

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Full Faith in the Treatment

Dear Friends, Every year, Tuberculosis (TB) kills nearly as many people as HIV/AIDS and Malaria combined. Globally, India has the highest rate of TB, affecting

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2019 Spring Letter

Greetings from The PRASAD Project! Having just returned from a visit to PRASAD Chikitsa in the Tansa Valley in Maharashtra, India, I am excited to

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Celebrating 27 Years!

March 13, 2019 Today we celebrate the anniversary of The PRASAD Project. We are deeply grateful for your continued support of The PRASAD Project’s mission to empower

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2018 Annual Newsletter

Dear Friends, We are deeply grateful for your continued support of The PRASAD Project’s mission to empower people in achieving lives of self-reliance and dignity.

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