Project Description

PRASAD Eye Care Programs

Cataract-related blindness accounts for 80 percent of all visual impairments in India. Loss of vision can lead to complete financial and physical dependence, and it can affect personal relationships. PRASAD operates a 12-bed in-patient ward and an outpatient clinic with the latest eye care equipment. Doctors usually perform cataract surgery on an outpatient basis, and the in-patient ward is available to ensure that patients get the post-operative care they need for a full recovery.

Since 1990, PRASAD volunteers and staff have provided eye health screenings and treatment for more than 258,000 people through home visits, in-school screenings, and mobile eye camps. PRASAD Chikitsa has been providing approximately 300 cataract surgeries each year.

PRASAD Eye Care Programs – México

Each year in México thousands of adults lose their sight to cataracts, and hundreds of children are born with strabismus (crossed eyes). With strabismus, improperly aligned eyes cause limited or blurred vision, or complete loss of vision. Both conditions can be corrected with surgery, but families in rural villages lack access even to basic health services.

In 1996, PRASAD de México was founded to provide free eye surgery to remove cataracts and correct the alignment of the eyes, restoring vision, independence, self-esteem and self-reliance to adults and children.

Since its inception, PRASAD de México has held nearly 210 eye camps and performed free eye surgery on over 33,799 adults and children.