GivingTuesday is for Happy Feet and More for Children!

Tomorrow is #givingtuesday! A global day of giving that encourages people to come together and transform communities. We hope you will feel inspired to support PRASAD’s Helping Children Thrive campaign. Our goal is to raise $30,000 to provide shoes and hygiene kits to 3,000 children in the Tansa Valley in India.

Eight-year-old Aadesh Appa Shingda lives in the tribal Pendhripada hamlet with his parents and older sister. His mother, a daily wage worker, brings in the sole income as his father is bedridden with a long-term illness.

Aadesh attends the local school, but his family couldn’t afford to buy him shoes. He walked barefoot nearly three miles each day to and from school through fields and stony roads until PRASAD Chikitsa’s “Happy Feet” initiative provided him and his classmates with footwear. His father said, “I have never seen my son happier!”

Here are three ways YOU can help:

1. Donate directly to PRASAD. Here are a few examples of how your gift will make a difference:

  • Happy Feet: $5 provides a child with a pair of shoes.
  • Hygiene Kits: $5 provides a child with a Hygiene Kit, including a toothbrush, towel, bath soap, handkerchiefs, shampoo, and a comb.
  • Combo Package: $10 provides shoes + Hygiene Kit

2. Create a Facebook fundraiser
Using Facebook’s Fundraiser tool, create a page and select PRASAD as the nonprofit that will benefit from your fundraising efforts.

Facebook announced a new way of matching donations this giving season that helps organizations raise money long-term. When you sign up to donate monthly to a nonprofit on Facebook, Meta will match 100% of your donation after you make your second monthly donation. They will match up to $100 per donation, $100,000 per nonprofit, and up to $7 million in total across all organizations. This is a shift from how they’ve historically matched one-time donations on GivingTuesday.

3. Spread the word
Share our social media posts about ways to help PRASAD on GivingTuesday with your friends and family! Make sure to use the hashtags #givingtuesday and #wearePRASAD

Give to PRASAD on Tuesday, Nov. 29, and make a radical difference helping children thrive!

Warm regards,
Dr. M. Cecilia Escarra
Executive Director